Soitec and Shanghai Simgui up SOI wafer output

Since signing their original licensing and technology transfer agreement in May 2014,  Simgui has installed  Soitec’s Smart Cut(TM) proprietary process to deliver  RF-SOI and Power-SOI wafers.

Simgui’s strategic partnership with Soitec allows them to use the same tools and processes to deliver the same products meeting the same specifications.

Simgui and Soitec have redefined their original financial agreement and specific roles regarding the 200 mm wafers produced by Simgui.

Simgui will focus on SOI wafer manufacturing and Soitec will manage worldwide product resale.

To meet increasing worldwide demand for 200mm SOI in response to the growing market for RF-SOI used in mobile front-end modules (FEM) and for Power-SOI used in automotive and consumer electronics.

The fab is production ready, having been qualified by multiple key customers inside and outside China.